Angelika Bertrands Poetry’s, Essay’s Life in General

This is my first time blogging. Let’s hope that I can contribute some postive thoughts and create a harmonic universe. I alway’s loved writing. Back in the University, I enjoyed writing Essay’s. I am presently working on a book of poetry’s and my Memoir. I am staying positive that I can accomplish that I am all new in this eara. I alway’s loved books and I alway’s loved reading and writing. I think that is what I am good in. I speak fluently German ( my mother’s tongue). I also speak English and somewhat Spanish. So this is my first experience with blogging.

Let’s hope that we all can open our hearts, with healing energy throughout the universe. Cause no more war needs this land no more war . No more bleeding soul’s and depleaded souls needs this land.

Like Dr. Martin Luther once’s said :”I have a Dream.”So do I have a dream. Let’s nurture one another. Let’s bring spirits together! Let’s feel Christs love and the unpredictible resiliance of human kind.